Striving to Make
Healthcare Accessible

What is the SpectraPlan?

A sliding-fee discount program that benefits the whole person, the whole family, the whole life.

This unique discount program is for qualified individuals and families, has a small fee required at each visit, and can be used with other insurance. We are here to explain insurance options for you and your family. Visit one of our locations to learn more about how the SpectraPlan might be right for you.


Our enrollment staff can assist you through the eligibility process; please bring the following items to determine if you qualify:

  • Most recent IRS tax form
  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • Award or benefit letter(s) for unemployment, retirement, or Social Security income
  • If unemployed, a letter from your previous employer or unemployment denial letter
  • Documentation from a case worker or agency

Verification of income must be provided within 30 days of your initial discount. Enrollment in the SpectraPlan is updated annually. Any changes to your income or family size must be updated within 30 days. Your financial information is confidential and will not be disclosed without your consent.

We proudly offer in-person and telephone interpretive services to make helping you even easier.


Striving to Make Healthcare Accessible

Our discounted healthcare program, available for medical, dental, and behavioral health services for those who qualify.