Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Mara Jiran <br><small><em>MPH</em></small>
Mara Jiran
701 757 2802
Grand Forks & Larimore
Tiffany Schmidt <br><small><em>MBA, CPA</em></small>
Tiffany Schmidt
701 757 2806
Grand Forks & Larimore
Christine Harsell <br><small><em> DNP, ANP-C</em></small>
Nurse Practitioner & Medical Director
Christine Harsell
701 757 2100
Grand Forks & Larimore
Jackie Nord <br><small><em>DDS</em></small>
Dentist & Dental Director
Jackie Nord
701 757 2100
Grand Forks
Betty Housey <br><small><em>RN, BA</em></small>
Clinical Director
Betty Housey
701 757 2808
Grand Forks & Larimore
Ben Shannon <br><small><em> </em></small>
Director of Operations
Ben Shannon
701 757 2812
Grand Forks & Larimore
Tim Buchin <br><small><em> </em></small>
Information Systems Director
Tim Buchin
218 371 2827
Grand Forks & Larimore

Board of Directors

Spectra Health is led by a Board of Directors who are dedicated to our mission of providing compassionate, quality care. By design, more than 51% of our Board are patients of our health center. This is how we ensure Spectra Health’s services are right for our community.       

Nathan Modeen, President

Sue Swanson, Vice President

Chris Moen, Treasurer

Julie Ludwig, Secretary

Jay Friedt

Tammy Gerszewski

Kris Miller

Lauralee Tupa

Dr. Don Warne

Spectra Health’s Board of Directors meets the first Monday of each month at 6 PM. Contact us at board@spectrahealth.org for upcoming meeting information or for general Board inquiries.


Striving to Make Healthcare Accessible

Our discounted healthcare program available for medical, dental and behavioral health services for those who qualify.